Morioka Shoten
Tucked away on a quiet street in Ginza, the historic Suzuki Building is home to one of Tokyo’s most intriguing bookshops: Morioka Shoten.

In stark contrast to the all-encompassing retailers and boutique book sellers spread throughout the city, the shop’s owner Yoshiyuki Morioka has opted for the straightforward philosophy of a single room with a single book.

Focusing on a different title each week, the shop’s gallery-style presentations provide a chance to see books in a new light. “Focusing on a single book allows us to reveal its content and introduce its creators. Two-dimensional books are turned into a three-dimensional experience,” explains Morioka.

Morioka’s unique approach and curation adds a sense of anticipation to each visit. Week in, week out, you never quite know what you’ll discover at Morioka Shoten.